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Allergy Bracelets for Children

Common allergies resulting in allergic disorders include Peanut Allergy Button for Kids, Toddlers Rubber Medical Bracelet, Shellfish Allergy, Wheat, Dairy allergies, other allergic food items, Fish Allergy, Soy Allergy, Corn Allergy, Tree Nut Allergy, Soy Allergy, Egg Allergy Button, Sesame Allergy, Gluten Free Button, Bee Allergy (Honey) , Chocolate Allergy, Coconut and Strawberry Allergries

rank number one among children's chronic diseases. While most allergies are not life-threatening, allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis can be deadly when not treated in a timely manner. To help alert medics the following 15 Waterproof Allergy Jelly Band Bracelet Buttons and Allergy Necklace Pendants are available for kids, Ids they love to wear:

These kids hypoallergenic allergy bracelets are designed to be child-friendly, they may also help keep your child safe! This hypoallegenic rubber band is latex free, and snaps are nickel free, great allergy bracelets for kids. (Note: not intended for children under 3 years of age.)


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Kids Rubber Medical Bracelet for Allergy Buttons

The rubber alert bracelet stretches to best fit wrists the same size as, or 1/4 inch smaller than, its advertised length. The lack of a clasp means that it cannot fall off by accident! One medical symbol button (removable, if you wish) comes included. Up to four additional allergy buttons will fit the bracelet, which are available for purchase separately. Additional buttons easily attach to the bracelet.


KIDS TODDLERS ALLERGY WRISTBANDS peanut allergy shellfish food allergy

wheat allergy dairy allergy fish food allergy

soy food allergy tree nut food allergy egg food allergy

sesame food allergy corn food allergy coconut food allergy

chocolate food allergy bee sting allergy gluten food allergy

strawberry food allergy

Because the bracelet is one continuous band, it is very comfortable, can be worn 24/7, perfect for active children and young kids! Latex-free rubber sports band.

For Boys, Girls, Men & Women, from young or seniors.

Allergy Wristbands

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