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Medical IDs for Diabetes

Diabetes bracelet or diabetic jewelry identification recommended by team care providers, endocrinologist, nurse educators, pharmacist, etc., when a person is diagnosed with diabetes. It seems that bracelets and necklaces may seem to be more visable than anklets in the event of an emergency.

It' s not easy to hear you have diabetes. People with diabetes should wear or carry I.D. information (such as an alert bracelet) that emergency medical staff can find. They should always carry a sugar source, such as glucose tablets or raisins.


A FREE Medical ID Alert Wallet Card is available with each medical jewelry item you purchase. If you would like to print your own diabetes wallet card visit the following link; Print Free Medical ID Alert Wallet Card. provides diabetes medical id jewelry in the styles of pre-engraved and personalize diabetes medical alert charms, id necklaces and diabetic dog tags. Bracelet identite medicale.


The American Diabetes Association' s Diabetes National Diabetes Fact Sheet states 25.8 million children and adults in the United States—8.3 percent of the population—have diabetes. In 2007, diabetes was listed as the underlying cause on 71,382 death certificates and was listed as a contributing factor on an additional 160,022 death certificates. This means that diabetes contributed to a total of 231,404 deaths. Important to protect your health or the health of a child, or other loved ones. Diabetes bracelets medical IDs can make all the difference in situations that call for immediate action, alerting emergency personnel to take the appropriate treatment measures knowing this patient has diabetes.

This is why diabetes bracelets are often worn to alert people, such as rescuers, first-aid staff and medical professionals of the appropriate action to perform when the wearer is involved in an emergency. Immediately knowing that a person in distress has diabetes allows emergency personnel to take appropriate actions.

How Medical IDs are Beneficial for People with Diabetes

Medical alert bracelets can be extremely important for people with diabetes. Rapid Identification is critical! Should you have a low blood glucose reaction and suddenly become confused or unresponsive, the bracelet allows immediate identification of the problem to both bystanders and paramedics. The sooner the low blood glucose reactions can be identified, the sooner they can be treated.

Diabetes requires special medical care and immediate attention.

In diabetic emergencies, the diabetic person may not be able to express that they have diabetes on their own, totally unable to communicate. In many events in an emergency, a relative or other ICE contact who has knowledge of the diabetic person' s diabetes may not be with the person. In these cases, a diabetes bracelet can quickly inform the attending medical personnel of the disease and even where the person keeps their insulin if necessary.

Diabetic Emergency

Diabetes Should Put on a Medical Alert Bracelet. Extremely high blood sugar can be a medical emergency as well. Both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia can lead to unconsciousness, coma, seizures, and death. A person suffering high blood sugar might be lethargic, weak, and nauseated to the point of being unable to communicate, or if police stops a person suffering hypoglycemia, the consequences can be dire as well. Police are trained to look for medical alert ID, but without it, an inarticulate, staggering, confused, and combative driver can be easily mistaken for a drunken driver.


Medical I.D. bracelets don ' t have to be ugly. Many attractive medical I.D. bracelet options exist. New styles and designs are here. In fact you might be surprised by your options! Always wear the bracelet where it can be easily visable and wear it 24/7. Avoid taking it off. Be safe.

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Featured Medical ID Alert Bracelets
Men & Womens Stainless Steel Leather  Medical BraceletWhat a combination, leather & stainless steel to make a classy Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelet for a man or woman. Makes a very beautiful medical identification bracelet and stylish alert jewelry. Take a look at our Stainless Steel Medical ID Alert necklaces and ID bracelets.

USB Medical ID Alert BraceletsUSB Medical ID Alert Bracelets and USB Keychain Pendants computer flash drives to store medical information and images, the newest and fastest growing forms of medical identification available today including our new USB Medical ID Wallet Card and our sleek & shiny medical ID USB tag.

Medical ID WatchesChoose from a wide variety of Medical ID Watches for men, women and children. Kids love our colorful rubber, engravable medical identification watches with medical symbol on front. Or, if you already have a watch consider a watch strap slide id plaque.

Women's Medical Alert BraceletsWe recommend the unique Women's Medical ID Alert Bracelets that's fashionable as well as functional, over 100 styles of medical alert bracelets in our selection, including inter-changeable beaded bracelets, Women's Medical ID Wrap Bracelets, Cuff and Bangle bracelet styles, Pandora and Pearl Medical ID Bracelets for women designed in gold, sterling silver, leather and stainless steel, to give you the medical id bracelet that fits your style.

Children's Medical ID Alert BraceletsA Kid's Medical ID Alert Bracelet that's durable, washable and fun to wear! Adjustable, nylon medical id bracelets, velcro sport straps with engravable stainless steel id tags with plenty of room for custom engraving medical information. Great young child or teenagers choice of medical ID bracelets. See our new Kid's Allergy Alert Bracelets

Mens Medical Alert BraceletsMen are hard to please regarding medical id bracelets. We invite you to check out our men's stainless steel Men's Large Link Medic ID Bracelet, USB bracelets, leather medical bracelets, medical alert sports bracelets. Also view our classy, personalized Medical Alert Necklaces that men and boys like wearing.

Non Metal Medical Bracelet and Medical TagsMEDICAL IDS FOR SENIORS
Senior adults, sports enthusiasts as well as kids, all love our economical, "easy to update" compartment bracelets, shoe tags and necklace pendants. MedIDs also has a vast selection of Leather Medical ID Bracelets where the metal bracelet plaque (brushed stainless steel) never touches the skin.

Personalized Gifts for men, women and childrenPERSONALIZED GIFTS FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN
Check out our Womens Engravable Bracelets of many styles and types, as well as Mens Custom Bracelets
Great source for personalized gold and silver jewelry, including religious jewelry, wedding and anniversary gifts, tiffany-style rings, lockets, charms and much more! In addition to custom engraving a
medical ID alert bracelet, consider engraving a symbol, logo or even a signature on any of our gifts.

Gold Medical ID Alert JewelryGold Medical ID Alert Bracelets are often chosen for medical jewelry identification for men and women. We use the highest quality materials to produce gold medical id bracelets, necklace pendants and medical alert charms that combines safety with style.

Silver Medical ID Alert JewelryIf you're looking for a medical id bracelet or pendant jewelry that's elegant and beautiful, sterling silver is a great choice. Sterling Silver Medical ID figaro link Bracelets, sterling medical id necklaces, sterling medical pendants and silver charms to name a few.

Medical ID Alert CharmsMedical ID Alert Charms
Spice up your wardrobe with a pandora style medical id charm or alert pendant with crystal stone charms that can go on a variety of jewelry items. Unique one-of-a-kind id charms available in stainless steel, sterling silver and 14K gold metals.

Diabetes Medical Alert JewelryDiabetes Medical ID Jewelry
Visit our diabetic medical id jewelry collection for children and adults to see what's new in Diabetic Medical Alert Identification for men and women. Leather diabetes medical id bracelets,engravable medical alert diabetic necklaces and silicone wristband bracelets are very popular.

Medical ID NecklacesPersonalized Stainless Double Dog Tag Pendant with Cubic Zirconia
Double dog tags gives you an endless number of engraving possibilities, a monogram, medical or other symbol, etc. Make a statement about yourself with this unique set of dog tags made with brushed stainless steel and a bright, sparkling cubic zirconia on the top tag. Definitely NOT your ordinary set of dog tags.

Medical Dog TagsOur durable Men's Medical ID Alert Dog Tags come in a variety of styles and metals so you can personalize an alert tag that reflects your personal specs. We also have Medical ID Dog Tag styles for women and for kids, too. Or choose from Traditional Stainless Steel Medical ID Necklaces. We also have pre-engraved tags for Alzheimer's, Epilepsy, Autism, Diabetes Medical Pendants, etc.

Discount Pharmacy Style Medical Jewelry has partnered with Medical Info Products to make available Pharmacy Styles Emerg Alert Medical ID Jewelry, stainless steel bracelets and dog tag style necklaces.
We recommend engraving "See Wallet Card" on your medical ID, if there is enough space available on the ID to do so, then keep your emergency medical card up-to-date in your wallet or purse next to your drivers license. (Current Medications, Medical Conditions, Emergency Contacts, etc.). Since medical situations and medications sometimes change frequently, an up-to-date medical wallet record, along with your medical alert ID bracelet or other alert jewelry, will help work harder to protect you.

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Recommend and our free emergency wallet cards, health log resources to your family, friends and health care providers! Medic Alert Jewelry
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