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Everyone needs a patient medication wallet card, list of your current medications you are taking, along with notification of any chronic medical condition/s, any allergies, etc., and I.C.E. ( In Case of Emergency ) Contacts to keep with you in your wallet/purse, next to your drivers license, at all times! Printable medication cards for patients and caregivers.


Use with Medical Identification Bracelets - Medical Alert Necklace Tags - Alert Charms - Any Medical ID Alert Jewelry.

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  Click Here - Then "SAVE" to your DESKTOP - Save Time Creating & Updating Your Medical ID Card Below!

Free Printable Medical ID Cards

No information is stored on this card - Absolutely Free Medical ID!.

Suggestion: Engrave on your Medical ID,  "SEE WALLET CARD",   I.C.E. Vehicle Card, etc. This tells paramedics to read your emergency ID card for additional information that may not be listed on your medical bracelet. Update wallet card as needed to your history current; easy and less expensive than buying new identy bracelet when information changes.

Create a my medical ID alert listing a child's allergies,

Medical Alert Emergency Wallet Card.

A free medical ID personal health card template medical EMT ID doctors wallet card creator that produces a completed (ICE -in case of emergency) 911 information medical card, list of Rx meds, emergency phone number form for personal contacts, physician and preferred hospital, and other personal medical information etc., in just minutes that would prove invaluable in providing treatment when you are unable to speak for yourself and should always be kept in your wallet next to drivers license.

To generate a FREE Medical Emergency Information Card, and print out on your printer,
complete the following form and click on 'Create Medical ID Card!' button at bottom of page.

What to include on a medical ID wallet card medical form? All fields on the form below are Optional. Include as much information as possible to assist medics and other first responders in the event of an emergency.Medical information is not stored on this site.All information is deleted from your computer when you close the browser after printing your card on the next page.

NOTE: Use of certain characters in the text boxes below, will affect the formatting of the finished card including, quotation marks " ", commas , parenthesis ( ), etc.

To generate your FREE Emergency Medical ID Wallet Card, complete form below - Printer and paper required.

NOTE: To update your FREE Medical ID Card, come back and complete a new form. No purchase or membership required!

Complete FREE Medical Record ID Wallet Card Below

Enter Information

First Name: Int. Last Name: Date Of Birth:
Street Address City
State Zip
Phone 1 Phone 2 E-mail Blood Type
Insurance Provider Policy Number  (Suggestion)

Physician Information
Physician 1
First Name Last Name Phone Number
Physician 2
First Name Last Name Phone Number
Preferred Hospital

Emergency Contacts
First Name Last Name Phone Number
Relationship Alt. Phone
First Name Last Name Phone Number
Relationship Alt. Phone

Existing Medical Conditions
Medical Conditions/Medical Devices (e.g. Coronary Artery Disease, Pacemaker, Diabetic, etc...)
List Primary Conditions/History
1. 2.
3. 4.
5. 6.
List Medications/Supplements
(e.g.  Altace  2.5mg  1XDay, etc.)
Drug Name Dosage Frequency
Drug Name Dosage Frequency
Drug Name Dosage Frequency
Drug Name Dosage Frequency
Drug Name Dosage Frequency
Drug Name Dosage Frequency
Drug Name Dosage Frequency
Drug Name Dosage Frequency
Drug Name Dosage Frequency
Drug Name Dosage Frequency
Drug Name Dosage Frequency
Drug Name Dosage Frequency
Allergies / Other Info.
Medications / Anything to which you are allergic
Allergies (e.g. Penicillin, Bee Stings )  Other Info.(e.g. Organ Donor, Living Will, Consent to treat, etc)
1. 2.
3. 4.
5. 6.

Information entered here IS NOT stored anywhere for any purpose. The only purpose is to generate the id card on the next page. In the event you have a concern, please note we have other Medical ID Cards available above that can be printed out and then completed with pen. /, makes no guarantee with respect to the completeness or accuracy of information included on this form. Information on this form or on the finished medical ID card is based on the information supplied by the user above. Any risk arising out of use of this information remains with the user as acknowledged by the submission of this form. The completed Medical ID Wallet Card because of size, will only accommodate and format a certain amount of information, therefore additional text fields cannot be added.


  What Information Should Be Engraved on a Medical ID?

Recent HealthGrades study showed that around 195,000 people die from preventable medical mistakes each year. Do not become a victim of "medical errors"

Use with Medical ID - Medical Alert Bracelet

Tired of filling out medical forms?
What meds your are taking?
A Medical Necessity

Save your valuable time!
This Free Medical ID Pocket Card and Health Log helps eliminate the hassel of updating your doctors chart records.
Information that you can present to your physician on each visit that list your current medications and other medical information, will save you time and omission errors, when updating your medical chart in addition of proving life-saving data to EMTs, metics, ER Physicians. Keeping a detail list of your medications is necessary, ice contacts and medical conditions are very important, in addition to a medic alert id bracelet that brings attention to your wallet card.

Including the words SEE WALLET CARD on your medical id allows you to up-date the emergency card frequently, without having to buy a new medic alert tag. Create a personal, printable, pocket size medical ID card for wallet or purse on your computer keyboard by completing the form, and printing out the final card on your printer.

  What Others Say  
My doctor asked me a question about my meds and I whipped out my medical alert wallet card and was able to answer her. She asked to see it and took down the website info. She thought it was a great idea!
Thanks again.

I love my new bracelet and the ID cards are great!!!!


  Asperger Syndrome  
Recommended Asperger's Association of New England ID Wallet Card for Asperger Syndrome patients.

More Information

  Medical ID Card Credited for Saving a Life  

A couple years ago I had created my Wallet ID card. I always suggest to my patients to go the the website and create one for themselves. On July 30, 2009, I was driving on my way to work and had an MI. I was able to get to the shoulder, use my Nitro and called 911. I could not respond to them, but with the GPS in my phone and the MED ID card in my wallet, the First Alert Responders were able to not only know the meds I take, but also contacted my family and Doctor because of the contact information on the card. Thank you. Patricia C., M.D., MI.

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Why do I need a Medical ID Wallet Card?
How will it save on medical ID jewelry?

  • Our Emergency Medical ID Wallet Card is one of the least expensive health tools that you can have that could save your life. Its Free. This card has saved lives. An emergency guide to emergency medical personnel.
  • Note: The Medical ID Bracelet, etc., should include the words "SEE WALLET CARD" to bring the medics attention to your card.
  • Keep the Med ID card updated when your medications change without having to purchase a new medical ID bracelet, etc.
  • Your Medical ID Card, along with a Medical ID Bracelet, Pendant, etc.,does not require a cell phone, password, or a computer for paramedics to obtain your medical data.
  • The MedIDs card should be kept with you at all times and placed right behind your driver's license in your wallet.
  • The card can be updated as needed, when medications and health conditions change. Changes can frequently occur.
  • The card is great when you visit your doctor and he/she asked "what meds are you taking?" Just show them your card.
  • The Emergency Medical ID Card is legible, easy to read and easy to update.
  • If you have no medical conditions, no allergies, and taking no medications, it's still important the para-medics know that information in the event of an accident. Plus you can include emergency contacts, your physician's name and phone number, etc. Blood Pressure Too High? Get a Wallet Card. Study Shows a Simple Information Card Goes a Long Way in Controlling Blood Pressure.
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  • Bring someone with you, or have someone meet you there.
  • Check the heart attack and pneumonia success rates of the ERs near you at
  • Make a list and carry with you at all times: your doctors names and phone numbers, medications you take, food and drug allergies, a short medical history, phone number of a relative or friend to call in an emergency (,find a form online at
  • Enter your emergency contact into your cell phone too.
  • Make sure your house number is clearly visible from the street. The faster EMTs can find you, the faster they can help you.
    Becky Batcha

    So what information should you carry with you?

      Recommendation by the National Institute on Aging:
    • Name
    • A list of your medical problems
    • A list of your medications (including herbs and supplements)
    • Name and phone number of your doctor
    • Name and phone number of family or close friends
    • Whether you wear contact lenses
    How would an ER find it?

    The best approach is to write your health information on a card you keep right behind your driver's license in your wallet.

    Why near your driver's license? "When the paramedics arrive to help you, they grab a wallet or a purse so they'll know who you are," she says. "They do it consistently." When patients arrive in the emergency room, nurses routinely look for their driver's license to locate next of kin".

    How about when it's not an emergency?

    Keeping a personal health record is important even when you're not in an emergency situation, according to the American Health Information Management Association.

    In an emergency situation, you may not be able to speak and give vital information to help alert others concerning your health. Medical providers must sometimes treat accident victims without having any basic medical information about the individual or any way to contact someone who could provide crucial information.

    Create a free emergency medical identification card online in a few minutes.

    A medical information card would prove to be invaluable in providing treatment by attending medics or other medical personnel. A medical identification bracelet or pendant is recommended to alert emergency medical personnel of your wallet card.

    ICE Your Cell Phone for Emergency Contacts

    No one likes to think about the possibility of being seriously injured in an accident, but take a moment to consider what might happen if you're rendered unconscious in an accident or other disaster. How would authorities or emergency personnel notify your loved ones? By tracing your car's license number or looking at your driver's license, it may be possible to obtain your home phone number, but your loved ones may not be there to receive the call.

    Because of this difficulty in locating family members of accident victims, the ICE idea was born. The ICE concept is simple- simply program your cellular phone memory with the acronym ICE ("in case of emergency") followed by the names and phone numbers of those whom you would wish to be notified in an emergency. For example, "ICE-1 John Smith" as a saved contact entry in your phone would alert emergency response personnel to contact Mr. Smith at the number listed. You can program as many numbers as you like using ICE-2, ICE-3, etc. so that your emergency contact person's office and/or cellular phone numbers are also recorded.

    Launched in the U.K. in May 2005, ICE was the idea of East Anglian Ambulance Service paramedic Bob Brotchie. The idea has been promoted in a nationwide campaign in the U.K. and is gaining in popularity in the U.S. and other countries. Stickers are commercially available (or you can make your own) to affix to your cell phone to alert emergency personnel to the fact that you have emergency contact information stored in your cell phone's memory. You can also put a sticker on the back of your driver's license or other form of identification so that rescuers will know where to look for emergency contact information.

    Programming your cell phone takes only minutes to accomplish, yet it may save you and your loved ones hours of anguish in the event of an emergency. Rapid access to your next of kin, who will be able to provide your medical history and any background information needed, can also enhance the success of your emergency treatment.

    DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition. The information is provided for educational purposes only.

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